Recent Cases
On December 21st, local time, the 15th UAE Trade Fair was successfully completed in Dubai World Trade Center. Through the three-day exhibition, Jutong delegation had a deep understanding of the local market and user needs, and the high-end product design and professional service image also left a deep impression on the customers in the Middle East.
On December 13th, local time, with the Brazilian Trade Fair coming to an end, all the inspections and exhibitions in Latin America in 2023 of the Juteng delegation also came to a successful conclusion.
Local time on December 7, 2023, the eighth Mexico Trade Fair closed successfully, Juteng air source in the exhibition harvest not bad results.In this exhibition, Juteng ushered in a lot of new and old customers to visit and consult, face-to-face exchanges so that we have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of each other, the local customers on the Juteng air source products tailored to the performance of upgrading was full of praise, on-site that is to sign a cooperation.