Juteng's exhibition trip to Mexico came to a successful end!
Upload Time:2023-09-22

On 21st September local time, 2023 Mexico International Air Conditioning, HVAC and Refrigeration Exhibition ended successfully, Juteng Air Source harvested remarkable achievements in this exhibition, together review these wonderful moments in the 3-day exhibition!

Mexico International Air Conditioning HVACR Exhibition

This is the first brand debut of Juteng Air Source in North America. Juteng appeared in this international professional exhibition as a new face, and attracted countless visitors to the shop to consult and learn more about the intelligent air source products with excellent performance and attention-grabbing design.

Juteng not only introduced the development history, manufacturing strength and innovation achievements of the company to the on-site consulting audience in detail, but also displayed a number of stainless steel air source cooling and heating unit with EU A+++ energy-efficiency ratings, which impressed the audience and gained unceasing appreciation!

Mexico is located in the tropical zone, east and west of the sea, most of the inland areas of the tropical maritime climate qualities are obvious, perennial erosion of the sea breeze to accelerate product corrosion and rust is the pain point of many Mexican and Latin American customers. In response to these pain points, Juteng brought the durable and intelligent air source products built by high-quality stainless steel machine to many local audiences, effectively solving the urgent needs of countless users.

Juteng gained a large number of orders and made a lot of high-quality customers in 2023 Mexico International Air Conditioning, HVACR Exhibition, which laid a solid foundation for Juteng to plough into the North American and Latin American markets!