Case | Juteng stainless steel air source dual-heaters are made in heaven for luxury home
Upload Time:2023-10-20

Having air conditioning in summer and heating in winter is the rigid demand of many villas and mansions, coupled with the fact that some elite families pay more attention to the practicality of smart home and energy saving at the same time, so that the cooling and heating equipment from the functional needs to the comfort needs of the change, and therefore more and more homeowners choose to install the Juteng air source dual-heating.

In terms of heating, Juteng Air Source Dual Heat Pump can be adapted to the end of floor heating, through the circulation of hot water under the floor to achieve no wind sensation of heating, "warm feet and cool roof" is more friendly to the elderly and young children; in terms of refrigeration, Juteng Air Source Dual Heat Pump uses the water cycle to cool down the air, and the air out of the warm natural and not easy to cause air-conditioning disease. Especially the air source heat pump is safer, more environmentally friendly and more energy-saving, therefore, compared with single-cooling or single-heating products, Juteng Air Source duel-heaters have been trusted and appreciated by many users in terms of design, installation and use.

Juteng Stainless Steel Air Source Heating and Cooling Unit

Four-storey villa installation case

The villa has a total of 4 floors, with a building area of about 280 square meters. In order to enjoy a more comfortable and environmentally friendly home life, the owner has purchased two star products, namely, Juteng air source air conditioning and floor heating and air water heating machine.

The professional installation team of Juteng made a rigorous and detailed construction of the underfloor heating pipe, air tray installation and pipe burial in the early stage, and the project supervisor was at the construction site for the whole process of quality control and technical guidance, to ensure that the installation was one step ahead of the others.

Juteng air source dual-supply inside and outside the unit are installed in accordance with the layout of the building space, construction personnel later debugging water temperature, product quality, excellent technology, thoughtful service to obtain a high degree of praise and recognition of the owners. Choose high-end quality, outstanding performance of air heating and cooling heat pump products, choose Juteng stainless steel air source air conditioning floor heating dual-supply!