Case ∣ Achieving Autumn and Winter Swimming Freedom, How Villa Owners Do It
Upload Time:2023-10-27

Thermostatic swimming pool is the basic recreational facilities of many villas and mansions, even the cold winter can not cool the excitement of swimming in the water, in the luxury property owners who know how to enjoy life is warmly sought after. How do villa owners achieve the freedom of swimming in autumn and winter?

The reason why constant temperature swimming pools can achieve constant water temperature in all seasons, relying on the low temperature environment is still strong heating system, with energy saving, comfort, intelligence and other excellent performance of the Juteng air source stainless steel swimming pool machine, and therefore become the first choice of equipment for many owners of luxury homes in pursuit of the enjoyment of life.

Juteng Air Source Pool Unit Villa Case

The temperature of the constant temperature swimming pool is 26-28℃, which is the most suitable temperature for human body to exercise in the water, but the swimming pool has a huge amount of water consumption and fast heat loss, so it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature using an ordinary heat source. The Juteng stainless steel air source swimming pool machine uses pure heat pump heating, with thermal efficiency reaching more than 600%, excellent heating performance and automatic defrost function, which perfectly meets the owner's demand for swimming in winter.

Juteng stainless steel air source pool machine is equipped with 24h intelligent temperature control system, when the pool water temperature is lower than the set range, it will start to absorb the heat energy in the air to supplement the heat of the pool, and it will automatically shut down after the temperature is replenished. In this way, homeowners in winter can also worry about swimming, no need to manually adjust, no need to worry about temperature loss, at any time to achieve the freedom of swimming.