Case I Coal to electricity household in the north using Juteng stainless steel air source heating units
Upload Time:2024-04-24

The national "coal to electricity" project has been implemented for many years, and now many rural families in the north have adopted environmentally friendly and clean air source heating instead of coal-fired heating. Juteng stainless steel air energy, which has 24 years of independent research and development and production experience, is favoured by the northern rural users.

Before the winter of 2023, many northern rural families in Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Hebei, etc. trusted to choose Juteng's new generation of upgraded stainless steel air source heating and cooling units, installing and using them for a whole heating season, reaping the warmth of a whole winter guarantee, and ushering in the blossoming of spring flowers.

Juteng stainless steel air source heating and cooling machine to replace the traditional coal-fired heating, into the major rural families, in the cold winter perfect play excellent performance---

①Heating is strong, just because it has a strong heart. Juteng stainless steel air source heating and cooling machine is equipped with heat pump compressor of well-known international brands, full DC frequency conversion, energy saving and high efficiency, while not emitting pollutants, in line with the rural residents' desire to save electricity and environmental protection of heating!

②Not afraid of extreme cold weather, wide operating range. After the heating season to the northern rural Juteng heating user return visit results show that the equipment in the -35 ℃ ultra-low temperature environment is still excellent heating, heating effect is very satisfied with the user!

In addition to the reliable and stable product quality, what is more valuable to the users is the after-sales service of Juteng. When everyone is celebrating the Spring Festival, there are still Juteng after-sales personnel sticking to the local overhauling and maintenance, which makes the equipments warm to the people and the service warm to the heart!

Now the heating season has ended, Juteng harvested a large number of northern rural users have been appreciated and good reputation, this pile of real cases once again proved that it is not the air source heating is not good, but the Juteng stainless steel air source heating and cooling unit is more worthwhile!