Successful conclusion I Highlights of the International HVACR Exhibition in Warsaw, Poland!
Upload Time:2024-03-04

On 29th February local time, the annual Warsaw International HVACR Exhibition in Poland officially came to an end, and the 2nd stop of Juteng 2024 Global Exhibition was successfully completed, and we returned home with a full load, and we would like to revisit the wonderful moments in the exhibition!

International HVACR Exhibition in Warsaw, Poland

In recent years, Juteng Air Source has participated in many exhibitions in European countries, and has deeply ploughed into the Polish and Eastern European markets, and has gained a deep understanding of the Polish energy policy. In 2022, the sales of heat pump products in Poland increased by more than 100% year-on-year. For Juteng Air Source, which has been focusing on independent research, development and production of stainless steel heat pump products for 24 years, this exhibition is an important platform for the continuous and far-reaching development of the Polish and Eastern European market.

The current temperature in Poland is around 10℃, and most cities will have cloudy and cold weather in the coming month. The country is still in the heating season, and the demand for heating equipment from local residents is only increasing, and a variety of stainless steel air source heating products exhibited by Juteng were attracted by the attention of millions of people, and attracted frequent on-site spectators.

Juteng independent research and development of stainless steel air source products with double first-class energy efficiency, continue to shine in this exhibition, beyond the EU A+++ energy efficiency level of throttling inverter air source cooling and hot water dispenser has become a pop-up product, many on-site customers to consult and place orders to buy.

The exhibition ended successfully with a lot of Polish and European visitors, the next stop - Milan, Italy, Juteng and you will not see each other!