Decided to use air source water heater for new house decoration? Choosing and installing common sense answers at once!
Upload Time:2024-03-04

At the beginning of the new year, many new home renovation users are also shopping for a new water heater, Juteng stainless steel air source has also ushered in the purchase of the peak, in the face of many users of common problems, here to do a collection and answer, to help you in the purchase of air source water heaters to save time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions①: What size tank should I choose for a typical family to buy an air source water heater?

A: According to the normal family bathing habits, generally a person with 50L of water, a family of three at least 150L tank. Air source water heater both heated water heater function, can be supplied at the same time the kitchen, shower, bathtub, washbasin, etc., so in the purchase of multiple considerations, the tank is recommended to choose a large selection of small.

Frequently Asked Questions ②: The house is being renovated, what is the best stage to install an air source water heater?

A: It is best before the plumber enters the site. In order to ensure the best results, before the plumber enters the site, please ask the professional engineer of the air source brand to visit the site, design the hot water pipeline direction, and determine the optimal placement of the air source water heater. This will ensure the effectiveness of the air source water heater.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can I convert my home to an air source water heater if I originally used another type of water heater?

A: Generally it is possible. There is a location to place the host and the tank can be, air source water heater compared to other water heaters have obvious advantages, the transformation just need to connect any of the previous hot water pipeline connection with the hot water outlet of the air source water heater.

Frequently Asked Questions ④: Where is the best place to put the water tank and the main unit of the air source water heater?

A: Air source water heaters are best installed in a ventilated, sunny area. There is the roof of the preferred roof, no reconsideration of the balcony, equipment room. The advantage is that it does not take up indoor space, so that the host can absorb heat from the air as much as possible to improve the heating efficiency, the entire hot water piping system will have sufficient hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions ⑤: The installation location of the equipment and the water point are not on the same floor, can hot water go up?

A: Yes. Air source water heaters mainly rely on the tap water's own pressure, as long as the tap water can reach a few floors, hot water can reach a few floors, there is no special requirement for water pressure floors. If you are worried about the effect of hot water use, you can add a booster pump at the inlet pipe.

Frequently Asked Questions: Are there any special requirements for power cables for air source water heaters?

A: Although the air source water heater is a new fourth-generation water heater, it is also an ordinary household appliance, so the power cord used for general household use is sufficient.

As one of the top ten brands of air source in China, Juteng specializes in providing high quality domestic air source heaters and designing professional hot water solutions for families, we hope that these questions and answers compiled will be helpful to you if you are shopping for an air source water heater.